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Quail Ridge Children’s Center is a privately-owned preschool and daycare center located in a safe, traffic-free country setting, providing outdoor recreational nature activities, such as playground, creek walks, soccer, tennis, swimming pool, arts & crafts, and even a summer camp. We’re a state-rated 3-Star Program, the highest awarded by The State of Tennessee. Our comprehensive childcare and child development program accepts children 2 years to 12 years of age for educational preschool, after-school activities, and summer camp.

We provide opportunities to meet the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative skills of children, equipping them with the basic skills needed when they enter school. We’re a safe haven with social activities both after school and in the summer. We’re open regardless of snow or other inclement weather.


We don’t teach a particular church doctrine, but we teach basic Christian values such as kindness, sharing, self-control, and respect for the individual gifts and abilities of each child. We ask a blessing before lunch and sing songs such as “Jesus Loves Me.”




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